29/06/2016 - The new Kickstarter is live.

We were working incredibly hard to get all the miniatures that we wanted to see in the first wave ready. It's a total of 3 sets each with 4 different and really unique minis, and I am proud to add these to the Westfalia range.

Check it out!

25/01/2015 - The new project is coming along nicely.

We're playing Frostgrave like mad and have decided to get an all female team of adventurers on the streets of Felstadt. The first couple of sculpts in cold weather garb are ready. We plan to have a total of about 20 done by the end of March.

15/01/2015 - The Halfmen Kickstarter is funded!

The Halfmen Kickstarter was a success and we're now busy sorting orders and casting and will get the miniatures to the backers in due course. Check it out

14/12/2015 - The Halfmen Kickstarter is live!

The Halfmen Kickstarter is now live. It has already been funded and a fair few stretch goals have been unlocked. Please visit us at Kickstarter. Check it out

11/12/2015 - 3 days until the Halfmen Kickstarter

We've been working hard on putting together the next Kickstarter, a Halfmen army with countless different troop-types and a lot of character.
It'll go live on Monday, December 14th.